Bernardo Germino

Real name: Germino, Bernardo
Nicknames: El Pibe Bernardo
Violinist and composer
(14 January 1895 - 16 February 1954)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

e stood out in the violin sections of all the orchestras in which he played in his 25-year music career.

In 1916 he played at the Café Monterrey with a quartet which included Francisco Lomuto (piano), Pedro Maffia (bandoneon), Domingo Petillo and Bernardo Germino (violins). Later, in 1919, he joined a lineup of the Osvaldo Fresedo orchestra for the balls organized by the resident students (Bailes del internado).

In 1923 he was summoned by Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores. The following year he joined the large ensemble led by Julio De Caro, which was customary for the carnival seasons.

Thereafter he joined the group led by the pianist Roberto Goyheneche. In 1924 he plawed with Enrique Pollet. He joined Juan Carlos Bazán in 1926 and Luis Petrucelli in 1928. He was member of the Orquesta Típica Victor and of others in the same label.

Later on he put together his own music group co-led with the pianist Vicente Gorrese and they together composed the tango “Criolla linda”. “Jacqueline”, “La Porota”, “Alma cansada”, “Reynita” and some others also belong to him.

Alfredo Gobbi had no doubt in including him when in 1942 he put together his orchestra.