Silvina Damiani

t an early age her liking for dance began to be evidenced. Firstly she started with folk music dancing, to later develop her career as tango dancer.

Cabrera was one of the first female dancers who made frequent tours of Japan, where she traveled on nine occasions. In fact, in 1976 and 1977 she made her first professional tours throughout the Japanese country where she appeared for six months with the Argentina Tango Show company. She also traveled with José Colángelo and Alberto Di Paulo on different occasions.

From 1978 to 1980 she was member of the Ballet led by Juan Carlos Copes and María Nieves and appeared at different night venues of Buenos Aires, like Karina and Castello Vecchio. During 1981 and 1982 she was member of the Gloria y Eduardo Ballet.

Furthermore, she is one of the pioneers in putting together her own company, Graciela Cabrera y su ballet, with which she appeared alongside outstanding artists like Lolita Torres, Jaime Torres, Hugo Marcel, Hugo Del Carril, María Creuza, Cacho Tirao, Raúl Lavié and Osvaldo Pugliese, among others.

Her busy professional schedule has led her to appear, with her company, several times at the Casa Rosada (Pink House) and, for six consecutive seasons, she was dancer and choreographer of the mythical TV program Grandes valores de hoy y de siempre.

She has made a large number of appearances in other countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Germany and Spain. In Buenos Aires she was featured at the venue San Telmo Tango, as dancer and director of her ballet, alongside Osvaldo Piro and the female singer María José Mentana.

She appeared in the Argentine movie Tango, bayle nuestro, directed by Jorge Zanada.

Her activity also includes her work as educator. Since 2001 she has been giving open, free classes within the framework of the season Buenos Aires Tango of the Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Secretary of Culture of the Buenos Aires Town Hall).

Despite she has danced with many dancers, it is worth noting her teaming with her brother José Luis Cabrera, with whom she has appeared at the most renowned tango venues in Buenos Aires and abroad.