egarded as one of the most important Argentine guitarists of all time, when he was still a child he began to study with his father, the pianist and bandoneon player Rafael Nicolau.

He furthered his studies in guitar with Concepción Quiroga, Horacio Icastto and María Luisa Anido. He studied music composition and harmony with maestros Sebastián Piana, Enrique Albano and Pedro Sofía.

Since age eleven he has gathered several Honorary Merit diplomas, like the award for Young Revelation as soloist. At age sixteen he got a degree in theory and music reading, while at age twenty he graduated as profesor superior de guitarra (a Bachelor’s degree in guitar playing). He won a scholarship to study with maestro Pedro Sofía and was awarded the first prize as soloist at the Segundo Festival de Música Erudita Argentina (Second Festival of Argentine Academic Music). He appeared as soloist in symphonic ensembles and joined the staff orchestra of the Teatro Colón.

He taught at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música, at the Dirección de Cultura del Partido de Tres de Febrero and on TV channel 13, in the program Tiempo de aprender (Time to Learn).

He was awarded the Diploma de Honor by the Asociación Argentina de Música de Cámara (Argentine Association of Chamber Music) and by the Comisión Nacional del Día de la Música.

Besides being a composer, he is also educator and broadcaster of our national music. Among his educational works he played concerts of classical music and introduced Los precursores de la Música Argentina (The Forerunners of Argentine Music), in which he presents the oeuvre of great Argentine composers like Juan Pedro Esnaola, Juan Bautista Alberdi, Francisco Hargreaves, José Giribone and Amancio Alcorta, among others.

He founded the Conservatorio Musical Rafael Nicolau, to pay homage to his father, who was also musician, educator and composer. There you can study classical music, jazz, blues and tango with outstanding professionals and a wide range of educational material.

He started in tango with the patronage of the prominent guitarist Roberto Grela and accompanying the well-known singer Jorge Sobral in the famous program Grandes valores del tango, on TV Channel 9, and with him he made tours throughout Argentina and in Brazil and Spain.

He also backed the singers Jorge Valdez, Enrique Dumas, Alberto Podestá, Nelly Vázquez and El Polaco Roberto Goyeneche.

He joined the quartet led by maestro Roberto Pansera at El Viejo Almacén and the one of Alberto Garralda with which he appeared in the interior of the country. He as well matched with the bandoneonist Rodolfo Cholo Montironi, in his trio and quintet lineups at the venue Michelangelo.

He made tours of all Europe as member of the Lisandro Adrover Tango quintet, and appeared on several occasions with the Metropole Orchestra Netherlands conducted by maestro Adrover.

He also appeared as soloist and member of other music groups of our tango like the Buenos Aires Virtuosi, the Cuarteto de Eduardo Cortti, the Orquesta del Festival de Cosquín (Córdoba).

He was invited, in 1992, to join the quintet led by maestro Antonio Agri for a tribute to Astor Piazzolla.

He appeared as guitarist in the movies: Funes un gran amor, under the musical direction of maestro Virgilio Expósito and Fermín, directed by Lisandro Adrover.

He joined the orchestra of the historic Argentine musical Tanguera, and made tours of different cities of Europe.

He also created and appeared in other tango shows that traveled worldwide, including Forever Tango, and conducted the orchestra for the show Uma noite en Buenos Aires. He also appeared in: Tango for you, Atracción de Tango, Rafael Nicolau’s Tango and Tango 3.

He was honored by several maestros of our national music. The bandoneonist and composer Domingo Federico dedicated to him “Selección de temas para guitarra y cuerdas” (Medley for guitar and strings) and the pianist Enrique Albano dedicated to him “Preludio y bailecito”.

He gives courses on the interpretive styles of the different periods of tango.