Nacho Cedrún

Real name: Cedrún, Ignacio
Singer and composer
(2 May 1980 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

ndoubtedly a studious man, in his interpretations there is nothing of improvisation. He started in rock music with his band (Los Sureños) but in 1999, with a guitar quartet (Las Bordonas), he switched to tango, until his singing was heard by his partners, who encouraged him to sing. So things changed – and how!

With Ricardo García Blaya we went to hear him one evening in Palermo. This happened several years ago and we were surprised by the Las Bordonas quartet led by Daniel Yaría. It was a group that reunited harmonic, virtuoso guitarists. But we were more amazed by Ignacio’s voice and style: a singer of the twenties. His tenor-like range reminded us, at times, of Ignacio Corsini and, at others, of Agustín Irusta or Agustín Magaldi. The same happened with their repertoire, which included beautiful songs, rarely played, of that glorious era.

He had several teachers in vocal technique, among them, Jorge Balagna and Susana Rossi and, in guitar playing, Daniel Yaría, Diego Kvitko ant the SADEM (Argentine Musicians Union).

Between 2008 and 2010, Las Bordonas traveled to Europe and appeared in different cities of the Old Continent.

Until 2012 the group had recorded three albums. That year it became a trio with Javier Amoretti and Martín Creixell. They gave a recital along with Veronika Silva, who had experience in tango and in French song after a time spent in Paris.

In March 2006 the Clarín journal published very eloquent commentaries made by Ignacio: «I believe in influences even when they are remote. I didn’t know my grandfather but my mom used to tell me that he listened to Rivero, both as singer or as a guitarist. I was attracted to and touched by Corsini, Magaldi, Fiorentino and also Cafrune, Mercedes Sosa and Andrés Calamaro. In the Las Bordonas group, we are interested in texts. I regard authors as great witnesses of their time. The guitars have an important role, they provide an orchestration. I didn’t have the luck of having an Emilio Balcarce in the family that would tell me: “Listen to this!”. So I listen to Rivero. Whom would I learn from if I don’t learn from him? I have to survey everything; I’m aware there’s still a long way to go, but I like to study...»

As singer he has very interesting nuances, his resources are genuine, without false boastful expressions and his voice generates a gentle mood rooted in tango. In his songbook he also includes some of his pieces and some belonging to his band-mates.

In sum, he is one of the outstanding singers of his generation, who is backed by an excellent guitar group.

Ignacio, welcome to Todo Tango!