Jorge Padula Perkins

Real name: Padula Perkins, Jorge Eduardo
Lyricist and journalist
(10 December 1952 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

his unique author was born in the city of Buenos Aires. Besides writing tango lyrics, he is journalist, poet and a frequent visitor of our Todo Tango portal. He is a contributor who sends interesting commentaries and his lyrics and sheet music on music files.

His pieces walk through a multi-colored universe and the characters, that fly led by his pen, are so dissimilar like the driver of “Al volante del bondi” or the sweet “Marianina”, the situations take place either on a bus: “En una calle cualquiera” or on a railway trip: “Viajar en tren” or in the subway: “De sur a norte por Jujuy”. Feelings also spring up, like the nostalgia symbolized by a Teddy bear, in “Cerca del cordón de la vereda” or the reflections on his childhood in “Tiempo niño”, in the “Tango del recuerdo”.

But he also writes about love, the desperation of disagreement and frustration: “Me bastas tú”, “Llorar por tu partida”, “Salir del juego”, “Un tango en el balcón” or “Y veo llover”, all them very romantic, with a direct, realistic language.

But if I had to choose one that touched me when I read it, I would pick up “Soñé un abrazo”, a tango in which the character talks to his deceased father. I asked its author if there was any recording, even a home-made one, and he sent me one recorded by Guillermo Deluca with guitar accompaniment, which is really amazing and deserves a commercial version.

Jorge has worked with different composers: Alfredo Figueras, Julio Rolón, Carla Pugliese, Rodrigo Stottuth, Ataides Côrtes, Morgana Li, Gerardo Cobas, Francisco Centeno Lascano and has approached varied genres besides tango, like melodic and folk music. His pieces have been interpreted by artists of different places in the world.

Pieces of his own have been included in different CD’s: No me jures amor (Aramis Vargas and his Cielomar trio). The CD bears the name of the piece by Padula Perkins and Gerardo Cobas included in it. Cecilia Prieto. La voz dulce del Litoral, Cecilia Prieto; Melodías de amor, Mariachi Texas; Milonga sola, Carla Pugliese; A usted mi hermano, Tierra y Semilla duo; Con el alma entera, Gerardo Cobas; Canciones de mis mejores amigos, Yaneth Reyes; Mi sentir, Flamenco Ibiza (Braulio Izquierdo).

Books of poems published: Una carta a la nada (1974), Después de cada hora (1978), 10 poetas argentinos (co-author, 1980), Amantes (1981) and Jardín animal (co-author, 1982), the essay El periodista José Hernández (1996) and the academic text Una introducción a la educación a distancia (2003 and 2008 enlarged version).

Jorge Padula Perkins is a friend of ours and we are very happy of sharing with our visitors his oeuvre and the aspects of his career mentioned in this brief portrayal.