Gabriela Castillo

Real name: Castillo, Gabriela
Singer, composer and lyricist
(9 July 1970 - )
Place of birth:
Temperley (Buenos Aires) Argentina

he was born in Temperley, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Her musical background was nurtured on Argentine folk music, tango, pop music and auteur’s songs.

She was the winner of the 1st prize at the Festival Nacional de la Canción Navideña (National Festival of Christmas Song) in 1989 and was given outstanding awards for different musical compositions.

She studied for a degree in communication sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, while she was member of the Coro de Cámara Brahms (Brahms Chamber Choir), directed by maestro Daniel González. Both experiences were highly relevant for her later show business career.

In 2002 she cut her first album Somos hoy, a collection of folk songs and styles, under the direction of the guitarist Daniel Cáceres Portillo and with the contribution of several students of the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (School of Popular Music of Avellaneda).

In October of the same year she settled in Valencia (Spain) and began a new stage of broadcasting tango and folk music at venues, cultural associations and restaurants in the city.

In 2004, along with the guitarist Rafael Arcella and other talented musicians and dancers, she presented her show Argentina canciones del alma, under the auspices of the Diputación de Valencia (Valencia Council). At that time she harvested a wide experience and the recognition of artists and people of the cultural environment. She made a large number of appearances at festivals in the province of Valencia, cultural houses and universities.

In 2008 Gabriela started a new stage of fusion of genres and styles (bossa nova, jazz, ballads, Cuban son), bringing a new twist to her interpretive talent.
She recorded her second compact disc Songs of the soul, under the direction of the musician and guitarist Luis Arnal, with re-interpretations of several classics of the international repertoire.

Along with Luis Arnal, Marcelo Arnal and other musicians, she presented this material to very good public acclaim.

In 2011 she began a new project along with the pianist Jorge Calvet Díaz, with an international repertoire, tangos and traditional Cuban songs.

In recent times she has been developing a new musical project with songs of her own, taking advantage of the experience she acquired in all these years by interpreting several music styles. Love and friendship are her favorite subject matters, elaborated with melodies and harmonies in which her voice finds its greater expression.