Miguel Ángel Puccio

Real name: Puccio, Miguel Ángel
Guitarist and composer
(11 June 1910 - 17 August 1969)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

long with his brother Roberto Puccio, he was staff artist in Radio El Mundo in the 30’s. They accompanied, among many others, the duo that Lito Bayardo and Alfredo Lucero Palacios had formed.

They were also accompanists of Hugo Del Carril’s singing until Miguel Ángel abandoned this task and switched to work as production chief in the movies directed by don Hugo.

In the 40’s the brothers appeared in Brazil.

He composed some pieces: “Quién soy”, “Recuerdo inolvidable”, “Vana esperanza”, “No me jures” (waltz) and with his brother: “Una tarde cualquiera”.