Sandra Cabal

Real name: Carabajal, Sandra Patricia
(1964 - )
Place of birth:
Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires) Argentina

he spent her childhood in Bahía Blanca, her hometown, later she moved to Río Gallegos and began to sing along with the bandoneon player Manuel Ravallo (Estela Raval’s brother) and advised by Alberto Améstica, her guitarist.

María Garay heard her in Río Gallegos and endorsed her, putting her in touch with the producer of the TV program El gran debut, in 1990. At the same time she took classes with the singer Héctor De Rosas.

She became finalist in Grandes valores del tango, and turned out second among eight singers that had been selected but that meant a disappointment for her and returned to Río Gallegos.

In 1993, trying to put together a trio of melodic tangos with two musicians from La Plata at the Galería del Tango Argentino, a Japanese producer heard her and summoned her for a tour of that country.

In 1994 she traveled to the Far Orient as the only female vocalist of a company that included figures of the level of Daniel Olivera and the dancing couple Gloria and Eduardo. In that country she recorded two pieces: “Qué falta que me hacés” and “Alma de bohemio”.

Because her family name Carabajal was a hieroglyph for Nippon people, she adopted Cabal as stage name.

She recorded her first album Sandra Cabal y el tango en carne propia in 1994.

In 1994 she joined the cast of For Ever Tango in the United States. In Los Angeles she was hired to sing with twelve musicians in Beverly Hills. Renowned artists attended those shows, among them, Madonna, Anthony Quinn and Robert Duvall. Thereafter they appeared for eight months in San Francisco.

Europe was the next destination. In 1995 she sang at big venues in London for three months. The following year she came back to San Francisco but her affections were more important. With a certain financial tranquility, she preferred to return and tour the Patagonia and Chile.

The Municipality of Río Gallegos honored her as tango ambassador of the Patagonia. She was member of the cast and also of the board of the contest for new voices in the program Aguante Tango, emceed by Silvio Soldán. She continues traveling abroad and appearing at different venues in Buenos Aires and the interior of the country.