Eduardo Aguirre

Real name: Aguirre, Eduardo
(1938 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

he man may have seemed to be a little bit shy, but he was made of passions, comradeship, tango and soccer. He was born in Villa Urquiza in the same year that River opened the Monumental stadium, and when he was a young boy he even played in the junior divisions of a club.

However, accompanied by his partners in the field, at age 13 he entered the milonga of El Ciclón. By then he danced rock and all the other beats. Tireless, step by step he acquired experience in tango and conquered the affection of tango dancers.

So, in 1990, he started his professional career at the well-remembered Almagro —along with Susana Miller and Cacho Dante— and continued on his own at the Leonesa.

Soon thereafter he came to know Yvonne Meissner who would be his partner in tango and in life, and in 1999 they left Argentina. Together they made their debut in Istanbul and Amsterdam and the following year they went to the United States where their first destination was Boston.

Eduardo Aguirre was in love with rhythm. From Di Sarli he switched to the music of Edgardo Donato or Enrique Rodríguez in his liking. Together with Yvonne he emphasized a staccato dancing, with accent on the upbeats.

Part of his talent as teacher and dancer was recorded by the “Solo Tango” channel and is found in interviews made for European media. But those who had met him will surely remember, besides the agility of his steps, the wonderful way of showcasing his tango shirt.

Source: Yvonne Meissner.
The author is instructor, dancer and researcher of tango dance. He is author of the Nuevo glosario de tango danza, La pista del abrazo and Tango FAQs. /