Néstor Pinsón

iolinist born in Spain on April 14, 1904. Or on April 17, according to different authors. He began with classical music but soon he devoted to tango.

He worked as a musician on a ship that entered the United States several times.

His thirty-year career was with the aggregations of Manuel Buzón, Julio De Caro, Federico Scorticati (as lead violin), Landó-Mattino, Miguel Nijensohn, Florindo Sassone, Carlos Marcucci, Pedro Maffia, Pedro Laurenz, Alfredo Attadía and a busy season with Ricardo Tanturi.

He played in the groups that accompanied Alberto Marino, Tania, Héctor Mauré and María de la Fuente.

In 1932 there was a group with good players but with a short tenure: Los Magos del Tango with Daniel Alvarez and Nicolás Pepe (bandoneons), Juan Polito (piano), Sevilla (violin) and Roberto Arrieta on vocals.