José Raúl Iglesias

Real name: Iglesias, José Raúl
Bandoneonist and composer
(7 September 1913 - 10 January 1979)
Place of birth:
Avellaneda (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

andoneonist, born in Avellaneda in 1913. At age seven he began to study his instrument.

He made his debut with a group in his neighborhood and only two years later he joined the Ricardo Tanturi orchestra. He stayed until the leader quit the musical activity.

Tanturi committed to record seven of his numbers in collaboration with Juan Bautista Gatti: the waltzes: “Al pasar” and “Mi romance”, the tangos: “Ana Lucía”, “Cuatro recuerdos”, “Desde lejos”, “Igual que un bandoneón”, “No la nombres, corazón” and “El tango es el tango”.