Antonio Arcieri

Real name: Arcieri, Antonio María
Violinista y composer
(9 September 1909 - 5 May 1952)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

iolinist, born in Buenos Aires in 1909. He started when he was a boy as member of a quartet with Antonio Sureda (bandoneon), Humberto Canataro (guitar) and Juan Carlos Aquilini (piano). Later he switched to the group fronted by Adolfo Avilés.

He put together the Trío América, quite successful, along with Aquilini and Sureda. Thereafter, the Orquesta Rostan (name that combines the surnames Rosich and Ricardo Tanturi). For a short tenure he played in the aggregation led by Julio De Caro.

In the late 20s he led the Orquesta Los Matreros in which Juan Carlos Miranda was on vocals. As composer he wrote, among other tangos: “Delirando”, “Campanario”, “Pinta orillera”, “Cachivache”, “Derrotado”. His first composition was: “Mi nena”.