Martín Piñol

Real name: Piñol, Martín
Nicknames: El Galán del Tango
(14 March 1979 - )
Place of birth:
Santa Isabel (Santa Fe) Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

handsome fellow from Rosario

This young pleasant singer was born in the town of Santa Isabel, in the southern area of the province of Santa Fe, where he lived until he was 19. Thereafter he moved to the city of Rosario where he is based.

In 2004 he teamed up with the pianist Pablo Benso, —his schoolmate and pianist of the Orquesta La 2x4 Rosarina—, to play some tango pieces at the Festival Todo Pulmón which is held in Santa Isabel, his hometown.

Later they began to appear in barrooms in Rosario and its surroundings, at festivals and, in 2009, they went on a tour of several countries of Europe (Germany, Italy, France and Spain).

Since 2012 he has been singing with La 2x4 Rosarina, a tango and pop orchestra which has a danceable repertoire like those aggregations of the golden age of tango.

They are expecting to soon cut their first disc taking into account that in a short time they have achieved the recognition of the dancing public who regard them as one of the best danceable aggregations in the interior of the country.

Its members are: Pablo Benso (piano), Carlos Moyano, Gustavo Sordelli and Alicia Petronilli (bandoneons), Javier Gómez, Gustavo Martí and Noelia Vivas (violins) and Sebastián Aparicio (string bass). On occasions, Martín Piñol is accompanied by Los Jaimes, a guitar duet.

Passionate about dancing, every Tuesday at the mythical Bar El Cairo, he offers to dancers one of the most successful milongas in Rosario, the Milonga El Encuentro. There is where he was given his stage name: El Galán del Tango.

He is a singer with knack, tempo and a natural free and easy style. He has a rightly selected songbook, with classic numbers but, besides, rescuing gems seldom heard of the forties and of the early years of our urban music.

He interprets a tango that can be danced to, he is charismatic, he is good looking and a good command of the stage, a true «langa». He reminds us of those great vocalists of the glorious times of tango like Alberto Castillo or Ángel Vargas, but far from imitating them, he interprets and phrases with his own personality, at times being delicate and intimate, and at times tough, but always popular.

Welcome to Todo Tango, Martín!