Fernando Montoni

Real name: Montoni, Fernando José Juan
Nicknames: Jorge Raúl Ramírez
Bandoneonist and composer
(27 June 1903 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

n his beginnings he attracted the public attention because of his mastery in guitar playing, with a thorough command of its intricate technique.

He had outstanding appearances in our main theaters. He appeared at the Victoria with the theatrical company led by the Podestás. Also at the El Nacional, accompanying the actor and singer José Cicarelli and Ignacio Corsini at the Apolo. He was later the guitarist that accompanied the Cicarelli-Fernando Nunziata duo.

By 1925 he gave up guitar playing to fully devote himself to study bandoneon. When he was ready he joined the orchestra fronted by Antonio Scatasso to appear at the Teatro Ateneo and the San Martín. At the Sarmiento theatre he spent several seasons with Sofía Bozán, with whom he traveled to Europe and appeared in Paris. When they split he wandered around radio stations, theaters of lower level and park bandstands, with small outfits under his name backing up male and female singers.

He was a composer with a large number of pieces, the following stand out: “Qué mala fuiste”, recorded by Corsini. “Carro viejo”, a boom by Rosita Quiroga that was even known in Japan. “Mi colombina”, “No tengo amigos”, “Yo soy así”, “No me llores”, “San Cristóbal”, “Así era el tango”, “Cortate el pelo”, “Engominado”, “Era en otro Buenos Aires”, and also several waltzes.