Pablo Jaurena

Real name: Jaurena, Pablo
Bandoneonist, leader and composer
(10 May 1981 - )
Place of birth:
Río Tercero (Córdoba) Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

came to know about him through Julio Pane, to whom I had just bought a bandoneon for my son Francisco who is a musician and plays accordion but has not the least knowledge of the other instrument. I asked Julio for a teacher in Córdoba and he recommended Pablo who had been his disciple. «He’s the best one», he told me. By the end of the year, when I gave the fueye to Francisco, we went together to meet Pablo who, precisely that Sunday, as guest director was conducting the Orquesta Provincial de Música Ciudadana of Córdoba. It was a delightful evening on which we were able to ponder either the quality of the aggregation or the skill of the young director and, finally, we went to the dressing rooms to come to an agreement about the classes with the teacher.

I sneaked in the first class and, then, we agreed upon a next encounter for an interview to be published in Todo Tango.

«I was born in the city of Río Tercero, province of Córdoba. I lived there with my family until I was 17 when I moved to the city of Córdoba to study music at the Universidad Nacional. Thereafter I was some years in Buenos Aires (switching with Córdoba) to study in the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce and bandoneon playing with Julio Pane.

«My paternal grandmother, Ernestina Baudino —daughter of Italians—, was a classical pianist (but she never played professionally because she was a housewife) and she died before she was able to see me devoted to music. Her husband, my grandfather Héctor Jaurena —son of Basques, who worked as a merchant and was singer in amateur choirs and vocal groups—, was very fond of music and taught me a lot of classical music and tango. He was the mentor of my early musical adventures and, also like tango did, he was patient to wait… firstly he sheltered me at his place when I played drums, later when I played piano (on my Granny’s piano) and, lastly, he was the one who bought my first bandoneon. With him I went for the first time to a live performance of an opera, to Beethoven’s 9 symphonies and, in the backyard of his home I sketched my first tango: “El vasquito [b]”, dedicated to my grandfather.

«My early musical experiences as a teenager were associated to rock, I played drums along with my brother and friends, listening to Nirvana or Spinetta. Later came the university, the universal music, fusion, bossa nova, jazz, folk music, tango and bandoneon playing…

«My first group in which I played bandoneon was with my brother (guitarist) when, at family events, we played informal sessions with transcriptions and adaptations of the charts that the Aníbal Troilo-Roberto Grela quartet and Leopoldo Federico with Grela had played».

Up to this place we have had Pablo’s words. Below there is a short portrayal of his career.

He graduated as professor in musical composition in 2008, at the Universidad Nacional of Córdoba, and presented a thesis for his degree in musical composition.

In 2007 he left the Orquesta Escuela de Tango «Emilio Balcarce» of Buenos Aires, in which he played when Emilio Balcarce was its conductor in 2006 and when Néstor Marconi led it the following year.

He studied piano and folk music with Hilda Herrera, arranging with Rodolfo Mederos and Ramiro Gallo, bandoneon with Damián Torres, Julio Pane and Federico Pereiro.

He started by playing folk music. In 2005, in his province, he began his tango career. He joined the sextet of La Tramoya as lead bandoneon; later he was member of the Orquesta Típica led by Jorge Arduh until the latter retired in 2010 and, as well played with Osvaldo Piro as from 2008. He also played in the Orquesta Le Grand Tangó, led by Andrés Linetzky, Diego Schissi and Carlos Corrales, and recorded live the CD “Tango Doscientos Uno”.

As soloist he has appeared along with the Banda Sinfónica de la Provincia de Córdoba, the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Córdoba, the Orquesta Municipal de Música Popular de La Rioja conducted by Luis Chazarreta. He played the Piazzolla’s “Five tango sensations” (in Argentina with the Cuarteto Magnolia and in Colombia with Ramiro Gallo and quartet).

Since 2011 he plays as lead bandoneon soloist (Concertino)( a post he won by competition) in the Orquesta Provincial de Música Ciudadana de Córdoba, conducted by the bandoneonist Damián Torres.

In the late 2010 a very important event in his career took place: he was appointed art director of the Tango Orchestra of the Music Schools Network of Medellín, Colombia. This aggregation approaches a wide musical concept, striving for the development of an expressive flexibility which would allow it to deal with the largest number of possible facets in tango: the historical retrieval of the most emblematic orchestra styles, a new appraisal of the great composers and arrangers and the most advanced proposals.

In Colombia, in June 2015 a CD entitled “Che, Medellin, concierto en vivo”, with Raúl Garello as guest conductor, was released.

It is important to highlight his appearance with the quartet and with the sextet led by Andrés Linetzky, with whom he played at the La Usina del Arte, at the Festival de Buenos Aires, in 2014 and made a tour of Japan that included Tokyo and several cities.

Furthermore, he is member of the Trío MJC, that included Jorge Martínez on piano, Mauro Civattini on woodwinds and Pablo Jaurena himself on bandoneon, with an instrumental repertoire of tango and folk music. In 2007 they released their first disc entitled “Arreglos”, with folk music and tango. In 2010 they recorded for the Colombia label, “Tangos”, a CD with symphony music of their own which was sponsored by the Alcaldía de Medellín, and for which they were awarded with the Prize Artista Destacado del Año (Outstanding Artist of the Year) by the Legislature of the province of Córdoba.

In 2011 the Acqua label released “El viento los amontona”, exclusively folk music, which had Juan Falú, Raly Barrionuevo, Chango Spasiuk, Mariana Carrizo, Ramón Ayala, Hilda Herrera and Raúl Carnota as guest artists.

Besides all the above, he is musical director and first bandoneon of the La Típica Ciriaco, a tango orchestra/school in the city of Córdoba, devoted to the music of the orchestras of the 40s and 50s, which plays mostly transcriptions written by Jaurena.

Lastly, he is leader, arranger and first bandoneon of the “A Puro Tango” company of Medellín, Colombia, with which he made a tour of Ecuador and Peru in 2014 and, in January 2015, played a series of four concerts at the Opera House of El Cairo, Egypt.

It is needless to say that we are very proud of introducing this young, talented musician, already a veteran of the best Argentine tango, to our Todo Tango portal.