Ce Suárez Paz

Real name: Suárez Paz, Cecilia
(10 April 1978 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

he was born in Buenos Aires and she is simply called Ce. She belongs to a family of great artists. Her father is our friend Fernando Suárez Paz, a violinist with a great career in our city music. And her mother is the singer Beatriz Suárez Paz. Her brother Leonardo is violinist and leads his own tango company in New York.

At a very young age she began to study acting, singing and dance. At age 6 she sang advertisement jingles and recorded a disc with children songs with the accompaniment of Saúl Cosentino.

In her teen years she joined several pop and rock bands as leading vocalist. With the group Azimuth she released a disc with several numbers of her own.

She was trained and qualified as singing teacher with Sergio Tulián, tenor singer of the Teatro Colón.

She was vocalist of the group CAE and appeared at shows and made tours, she was member of staff choirs on television and was showcased in the program El gran debut with Marcelo Simón, on ATC (TV channel 7) for two seasons.

She studied and qualified as artist in musical comedies with great teachers: Pepe Cibrían, Ricky Pashkus, Helena Roger, Mirta Arrua Lichi, Esteban Miolto, Adriana Rolla, Polly Botello, Nelly Pucci, Noemí Coelho and Rodolfo Oguín.

In 2001 she began as director of her own musical theater school, Broadway School, in the locality of Pilar, and continued for 10 years.

In 2010 she was part of the staff of teachers in the musical comedy workshop Seminario Drácula led by Pepe Cibrián Campoy. The following year she opened her school of singing Soul Music Studio, also in Pilar.

In 2012 she made her debut in Nuevo Tango along with Federico Rosso. It was a proposal of modern sonorities which they called «after tango», appearing at different festivals and venues in Buenos Aires.

One year later, she won the Pre Cosquín of San Fernando as Best Vocal Soloist in Tango and, in 2014, she sang on the big stage of the Festival de Pre Cosquín in Córdoba.

In 2013 she recorded her disc Renaceré, with the musical direction of her father, with renditions of numbers by Astor Piazzolla, with original arrangements by Piazzolla himself and Nicolás Guerschberg. She was accompanied by a group that included Horacio Cabarcos (double bass), Esteban Falabella (guitar), Alejandro Guerschberg (bandoneon), Fernando Suárez Paz (leadership and violin). The release was completed with numbers accompanied by the guitarist Federico Rosso and a “bonus track” with the large string orchestra conducted by Gabriel Senanes.

In December 2013 she released the video clip Renaceré, produced and directed by Paul Ferreyra and she sang at the Festival of the Torquato Tasso alongside the Quinteto Suárez Paz. In January she appeared in Clásica y Moderna in the Season uárez Paz versus Suárez Paz.

Soon thereafter she traveled to Colombia as guest artist of the Quinteto Leopoldo Federico to sing at the Teatro Leonardus and at the Auditorio Fabio Lozano, featuring her father on violin. Because of the presentation of her disc Renaceré in Bogotá she was requested to appear on several television programs in which she was accompanied by the bandoneon player Giovanni Parra, with whom she later appeared in several cities of Colombia.

In 2015 she continues with her appearances at different venues of Buenos Aires in a series of concerts along with the Dúo Guerschberg and with Federico Rosso, as guest artist.