Héctor Ortiz

Real name: Hunt, Héctor Armando
Singer, composer and lyricist
(4 March 1924 - 5 December 1984)
Place of birth:
Remedios de Escalada (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in the locality of Remedios Escalada, in the southern area of the Greater Buenos Aires. At age eight he started with the Pandilla Marilyn; when he was a teenager he appeared at the Alberdi cinema theater in the neighborhood of Mataderos. Between 1947 and 1950 he was member of the Varela-Varelita orchestra.

He began his tango career when he joined the Horacio Salgán orchestra in 1950, appearing at the most important venues of the time and on LR3 Radio Belgrano.

Later he continued as soloist, singing at the Sans Souci local and the tearooms El Olmo and Novel.

He made tours throughout several countries of the continent and traveled to Peru where he stayed around a year. On his comeback he joined the aggregation led by Héctor Artola and with him he made a tour of Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities (1958).

When he returned he appeared at a cinema theater chain owned by the Lococo enterprise and at the Helen Club. For a long period he sang at the La tanguería de Lucio and in other tango venues like Caño 14 and Bar Unión.