Daniel Videla Dorna

Real name: Videla Dorna, Daniel
(20 November 1887 - 12 November 1971)
Place of birth:
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

s soon as he was born, he was already destined to be a well-to-do man, for he was the third child of an influential politician and land surveyor. He was raised at the Palacio Videla Dorna on 4929 Rivadavia Avenue.

Like most people of his status, he had a solid instruction but grew up as a rebel. When he was around fifteen he challenged some family commandment and opened the door to tango. Little by little he began to stand out at dance halls and to earn a place.

Later, back in 1909 or 1910, he traveled to Paris together with Ricardo Güiraldes, among others, and showed tango at the Count Rescke’s mansion.

Quite soon he became friends with rich guys who, when dancing without cortes or quebradas contributed to «tidy up» tango. So then, in 1913, when the Sociedad Sportiva Argentina –directed by Baron Antonio De Marchi– organized a dancing contest at the Palace Théatre on 757 Corrientes Street, he was member of the board presided by Julián Aguirre along with Armando Chimenti and his great friend Vicente Madero.

Daniel Videla Dorna used to dance an elegant walking tango, without «firuletes» (embellishments, which he quit after World War I to devote himself to politics, cattle raising and his family. But not only was he an important spreader of tango dance, but he was also one of the ones who imposed the «tango liso» –without movement skills–, that others would call «tango de salón».

Teacher, dancer and researcher of tango dance. He is author of Nuevo Glosario de Tango Danza, La Pista del Abrazo, Tango FAQs and Los Legionarios del Abrazo – Historia del tango danza 1800-1983. www.tangosalon.com.ar / info@tangosalon.com.ar