Olga Lamas

Real name: Casabona, Olga
(3 June 1924 - 21 October 1988)
Place of birth:
Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

fter a time appearing in her home town, she moved to Buenos Aires where she worked at night venues, on radio and at theaters as cast member of musical revues. She also appeared in some television programs.

She stood out by singing humorous tangos and milongas, at that time that trend was known as «frivolous genre». Her voice range was almost the one of an alto singer, but that was not important for her picaresque style and her bizarre way, nicely accomplished according to her choice of repertoire. She succeeded in what she intended, but the classic tango fan found her funny and that was all. Because of that she was unable to stand out as she would have liked.

Due to her style and repertoire she remained limited to a peculiar audience. When she was given the chance, she appeared as soloist at the best salons, but only for a short time. She succeeded in appearing on Radio El Mundo, a radio station that carefully picked the cast for its programming. Today, far from her time, we listen to her with a smile.

She cut a long-playing record for the Magenta label in the fifties. The LP was entitled Milongas reas and included the following pieces: “El marido”, “La bataraza”, “El horóscopo”, “Sin suerte”, “Señorita casadera”, “Cuando un viejo se enamora”, “La refinada”, “Largá las penas”, “Apología tanguera”, “Aquí estoy porque he venido”, “Despedida de soltero”, milonga.

Besides that LP, she also recorded for RCA-Victor: “El llorón”, “Qué lindos tiempos viejos”, “Pipistrela”, “Matrimonio”, “La budinera”, “Hambre”, “Guapo sin grupo”, “Haragán”, “Tortazos”, and others with her Orquesta del Tiempo del Jopo.

In 1954 she appeared in the movie Soy del tiempo de Gardel, written and directed by Homero Cárpena. Different reasons, but connected with the film quality, made that the movie was not premiered.

She passed away in the city of Buenos Aires.