Horacio Roca

Real name: Pometti, Alfredo Héctor
(1929 - 13 January 1969)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Jorge Palacio (Faruk)
| Néstor Pinsón

e was born in the neighborhood of Almagro in the city of Buenos Aires and in 1950 he was singer of the Ricardo Tanturi orchestra. This happened when Roberto Videla split with the orchestra to look for new horizons and the aggregation was left only with Osvaldo Ribó.

By the end of that year he succeeded in recording one track before the leader decided to disband the orchestra. But in 1956 he came back and reunited his boys again and included two new members: a singer, Juan Carlos Godoy, and a lady, Elsa Rivas. Both stayed until 1958.

Since then Tanturi had some periods of inactivity but not as long as the first which lasted for over five years. He appeared on the radio, at clubs, made some tours, in sum, the tango routine.

His recordings were: “Milonguita (Esthercita)”, on August 16, 1950; “Cachá viaje”, on February 15, 1957; “Provinciana linda”, on April 2, 1957 (on this number there is a vocal trio by Elsa Rivas, Juan Carlos Godoy and Horacio Roca); “Perdóname señor”, on September 17, 1957; “Patadura”, on April 29, 1958; “Se casó el pelao”, on July 23, 1958 (vocal duo with Alberto Guzmán); “Un tango para la historia”, on September 2, 1958; “Puerto Nuevo”, on January 29, 1959; “De hermano a hermano”, on January 29, 1959; “Historia de mi vida”, on May 27, 1959; “Que no saque el tres”, on December 9, 1959 (duo with Alberto Guzmán); “Aladino”, on December 9, 1959).

We think it is important to mention that with this family name —real or as sobriquet— there have been confusions. Besides Horacio, we have Emilio Roca —singer and widely known as publisher of magazines connected with show business—, and Hugo Roca, who recorded with the Domingo Federico and Edgardo Donato orchestras. We can also name Luis Roca, who appeared and recorded with Fulvio Salamanca and the female Singer Haydée Roca. Recently, Darío Roca (who recorded with Jorge Dragone) and the renowned Nora Roca. There was a pop singer that as well recorded a tango record: Elio Roca.