Julio Tierno Flores

Real name: Flores, Julio Tierno
Nicknames: Julito
(9 July 1925 - 2 September 2015)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

e was born on July 9, 1925, while Gardel was traveling alone in Europe and Francisco Canaro was succeeding in Paris. The name of his neighborhood was forgotten; but on some occasion he remembered that, when he was 13, along with his siblings, who were older than him, he used to slip through the entrance control of the balls.

Gradually he started to admire the great orchestras, to understand the beat, to be a witness of the Tango Golden Age. Thereafter, he began to frequent the balls on his own: «When I bought my first suit» and «I got the keys of my house». Then he had planned that his life would be the one of a milonguero, always dressed with an impeccable coat and neck tie, well-shaved, talkative, willing to hold every (preferably young) woman within reach.

He danced with the most renowned orchestras in the most popular salons and clubs: Premier, Sportivo Buenos Aires, Oeste… Later, he was an ever present frequenter at milongas like Salón Canning and Porteño y Bailarín, among many others. Julio Tierno Flores –called Julio because he was born on a patriotic date– never was either a teacher or a professional dancer. But those who acquainted him would probably associate in their memories his name with a deserved title he earned in a 77-year career as milonguero: Maestro.

The author is instructor, dancer and researcher of tango dance. He is author of the Nuevo glosario de tango danza, La pista del abrazo, Tango FAQs and Los Legionarios del Abrazo – Historia del tango danza 1800-1983. www.tangosalon.com.ar / info@tangosalon.com.ar