Arlett Fernández

Real name: Fernández, Arlett
(6 January 1962 - )
Place of birth:
Montevideo Uruguay

he was born in Montevideo, and started her career in 1993. Linked to the show business milieu since a very young age, she developed her tremendous capacity for interpretation in the Montevidean circuit of shows and music circles. Her great voice and warmth places on us a hard-to-find emotional, sensitive charge.

In 1994 she joined the Walter Volonté trio appearing at the Tanguería del 40. She appeared at the contest of the Festival de Folklore y la Cultura Popular in 1995 and was awarded the first prize. She sang at the Teatro Solís along with Yamandú Palacios Tangos y Milongas en Concierto (1996). She can be heard on the CD Así Canta América, published by Remix in 1997.

Throughout 1998 she appeared at the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, and at the recital Tangos en el lago and at the Florencio Sánchez theater of Paysandú, sharing the bill with the Larbanois-Carrero duo. She appeared at the homage paid to Alfredo Zitarrosa in Buenos Aires (1999), alongside Washington Benavides and Héctor Numa Moraes. Also in 1999 she was at the contest Pre-Cosquín for Cosquín 2000 and she won the First Prize of the Festival de Tango de La Falda (Córdoba), invited by maestro Osvaldo Piro.

In 2000 she appeared at the 40º Festival Nacional e Internacional de Folklore de Cosquín (Córdoba, Argentina). She won the Primer Premio Revelación and the Primer Premio Mejor Voz de Tango (Best Tango Voice). That same year she was invited to the Festival de Baradero and sang at folk song festivals in the Argentine Republica. She was at the 41th edition of the Festival de Folklore de Cosquín 2001.

She appeared alongside the Orquesta del Salón Sinfónico, conducted by Luis Alberto Pérez. She shared the stage at the show by Los Nocheros (Argentina) in Uruguay in August 2003. Also in 2003 she recorded her latest album: Canto by ediciones Angel’s (Argentina)

In 2002 she cut the CD Saludan atentamente, a collective work with Carlos Marques, Horacio Pérez and Los del Norte. A release sponsored by F.O.N.A M (Fondo Nacional de Música)

In Buenos Aires, she appeared at the Homenaje a Horacio Ferrer at the Centro Cultural San Martín.

She recorded the CD Arlett tango, co-produced by Guillermo Fernández, which was released by Angel’s Producciones.

She appeared for several seasons at the restaurant Chiquilín Tango, in Buenos Aires, a few yards from the mystic Avenida Corrientes, and near some other well-known venues: Teatro San Martín, La Peña del Colorado, Paseo La Plaza, Clásica y Moderna, among others. She appeared at tango festivals in Argentina, such as La Falda, Justo Daract (San Luis) and Buenos Aires.

For five years she was based in the city of Luján (province of Buenos Aires) where she appeared on several occasions.

Nowadays she is currently appearing in the Uruguayan capital and other cities of that country and makes tours of Argentina and Brazil.