Martín Alvarado

Real name: Alvarado, Martín
Singer, guitarist and composer
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

artin Alvarado
Cantor y compositor

MartÍn has earned wide acclaim around the world over the past ten years during which he has been touring almost constantly performing in many major festivals and venues to often sold-out audiences.

He first came to prominence in 2003 in Finland. He had been spotted the year before singing in Barcelona for tourists and was encouraged to go to Finland to perform.

Within week of arriving, news of his talent had spread and he was invited to perform with the Tampere Philharmonic. He has since performed as a soloist more than 500 times principally in Finland, Russia, Argentina and the UK.

As well as his expressive and powerful tenor voice, Alvarado is also acclaimed for his carefully chosen repertoire which includes work by Argentina's and South America's most celebrated poets and composers, including rarely heard work by Astor Piazzolla.

Alvarado also writes his own compositions and lyrics. One well known Finnish tango, for which he wrote Spanish lyrics, became a TV and radio hit in Finland in 2011 after his TV performance of it as the official song for Finland's popular annual tango singing talent show competition.

As a live performer Alvarado delivers concerts with an enchanting and emotionally engaging quality, combined with a relaxed, confident and charismatic stage presence and rapport with his audiences.

In 2013, Alvarado won the Latin UK Award for Concert by International Artist of the Year, and also had his last album. Guitar Tango: Más Allá released by major world music label Riverboat Records.

As well as performing at a number of major concerts, venues, and festivals. Alvarado has also starred several times in sell-out productions of Piazzolla's tango operita "Maria de Buenos Aires" in Poland and Finland.

Alvarado cites his main influence in tango as the highly revered singer Ruben Juarez - and the admiration was mutual. Alvarado was fortunate in being able to meet and jam with Juarez.

Alvarado has produced four albums and being closely connected with Rubén Juárez. It is no accident that the first two were produced in conjunction with Juarez's regular pianist Jose Ogivieki.

The first album was Martín Alvarado (2003), and his second one Así es mi tango (2006), features guest bandeonista Leopoldo Federico.

For taking his country's musical heritage to far flung places in the world often for the first time, Alvarado is widely seen as something of an ambassador for tango back home where he and inspires much national pride for his achievements around the world. His work as a significant cultural export has also been recognized by his government.

As a versatile collaborator who is always seeking a new creative challenge to take tango «a living language» forward, over the years Alvarado has worked with some of the most innovative musicians in this genre, including Quinteto Otra Vez, of Finland.

With them he recorded his third album Tango Norte Tango Sur, a concept album that fused two and very different sounds in the tango hemispheres —music and tango style from Argentina—, with a Piazzollean slant, with the Finnish tango sound. Together they have performed regularly to sell-out audiences at major music festivals and concerts in Finland, Norway, Argentina, Spain and Russia.

In Argentina he has worked with the acclaimed guitarists Luis Salinas and Horacio Avilano and the composer and violinist Fabián Bertero.