Roberto Herrera

Real name: Herrera, Roberto
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Jujuy Argentina
Silvina Damiani

oberto was born in Jujuy, Argentina, and began to study local folk dances at the age of eight. After solid training at the Ballet of Santiago Ayala —El Chúcaro—, where he was a principal dancer, Roberto approached the tango as another possible avenue in exploring the dances of the people.

In 1986 he was selected as principal dancer for the movie Tango Bar, he then danced choreographies by Ana Maria Stekelman, and in 1992 he joined the cast of Tango Argentino (the show made by Segovia and Orezzioli).

Throughout these experiences, Roberto was sculpting a style of tango dancing that marks him as an exquisite, novel, and precise dancer.

Without a doubt, his most renowned moment was his partnership with the dancer Vanina Bilous. Milongueros and stage dancers remember those days with admiration. Together they formed one of the most important couples of the tango world.

Later, Roberto distinguished himself dancing in many tango theaters, working with Osvaldo Pugliese and his daughter Beba, going on extensive tours in Japan, and currently he resides in Europe, where he teaches his tango classes, adding folk dancing, his other passion, to the curriculum.