Junior Cervila

Real name: Soares Cervila, Antonio
(6 May 1969 - )
Place of birth:
San Pablo (São Paulo) Brazil
Silvina Damiani

ntonio Soares Cervila is known worldwide by his stage name, Junior Cervila. He was born in San Paolo (Brazil), adopted the tango as his own, and became celebrated for his dancing, his partnering, and his choreography.

Highlights of his career include being part of the cast of Tango Argentino (the shows by Segovia and Orezzioli), having worked with the singer Julio Iglesias, and having danced in the film Tango by Carlos Saura.

Junior Cervila began his dance career with the lambada, and in a trip to Buenos Aires discovered the tango. He was enraptured by tango and pledged himself to the 2x4 forever. Junior trained principally with three great maestros: Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellanedo, and Juan Carlos Copes.

In time, he danced in various dance companies and his name became synonymous with high-quality dancing. Confident as few are, Junior performs tangos on the most distinguished stages of the world.

He has worked with excellent partners, such as Silvia Toscano, Mora Godoy, and María Nieves, among others.

Junior combined his interests in tango and in cinema, studied at the New York Film Academy and in 2013 directed his first film, titled Tango and Sex.