Claudia Cartié

Real name: Carrettoni, Mireya Claudia
Singer, composer and lyricist
(26 December - )
Place of birth:
Chivilcoy (Buenos Aires) Argentina

he was born to a family of artists in the city of Chivilcoy, province of Buenos Aires. Her maternal grandmother, Bice D'Stéfano de Cartier, was a piano teacher and niece of the musician Ernesto de Curtis, wordsmith and composer of “Torna a Sorrento” and of other popular Italian songs. Her uncle, Héctor Cartier, was painter and professor in the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes (High Academy of Fine Arts).

She had guitar playing classes before she settled in Buenos Aires (1991), later she continued with singing studies and took lessons to further her singing.

Claudia’s style is quite original, influenced by ballad singing, which represented her original source of inspiration and interpretation. At the time of choosing a songbook, she had no doubt in picking up numbers by Aníbal Troilo, Homero Manzi, Cátulo Castillo, Eladia Blázquez, Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera, Homero Expósito, Virgilio Expósito, among others.

As singer-songwriter she is exactly located on the intersection of reality and creation.

She appeared for the first time in the Capital city, at the Estrasburgo Concert and at the well-known prestigious café concert La Casona del Conde de Palermo. Later in other venues of the Capital: Café Homero, Torquato Tasso, Foro Gandhi, Maquiavelo (Paseo La Plaza), El Condado, Sabor a Tango, Codo Bar, Chalmers, the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Bien Bohemio and others, as well as other locals of the country.

Her first disc Si supieras… was released in 2006. It included eight songs of her own and classic tangos, with arrangements and musical direction by Enrique Ballerini for the Elefante Records label owned by Esteban Mellizo. It was presented to the press and the public at El Condado (Buenos Aires) on May 17, 2006.

In August 2008 Claudia Cartié created a show cycle entitled Nosotras y el Tango which was in vogue for several years and achieved a remarkable acclaim. She summoned several female singers of the genre to take part in it. This movement, with all its nuances, was staged in venues in Palermo, San Telmo, Almagro and localities of the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. For this cycle, the poet Marta Pizzo wrote words for which Claudia wrote music.

In August 2014 she released her second disc Antes del último round, paraphrasing the title of Chico Novarro’s number, “El último round”, for the Crystal Music label run by Carlos Klavins.

Claudia Cartié with her peculiar style of interpretation, with arrangements and direction by Enrique Ballerini, presents pieces by authors that introduce heartfelt numbers which convey their feelings and pieces of her own: “Con alas del corazón” (with Naty Cortez as guest artist), “Nosotras y el tango” (with Beatriz Ayas, Nora Bilous and Silvia Nieves as guest artists) and “Decime [b]”, a beautiful zamba, included as bonus track for her personal pleasure, which goes beyond our genre usually connected with the city and the harbor.

On Thursday, October 23 of the same year she presented “Antes del último round” to the press and the public at the Teatro Gastón Barral in the city of Buenos Aires, with Enrique Ballerini on piano, guitar, sequencer, arrangements and musical direction and guest artists: talented female singers like Beatriz Ayas, Nora Bilous and Silvia Nieves.