Mario Landi

Real name: Villa, Mario
Singer, lyricist and composer
(26 April 1911 - 1 November 1993)
Place of birth:
Horacio Ferrer

is beginning was in 1936 when he replaced the singer Walter Cabral in the Juan D'Arienzo orchestra. Later he joined other aggregations, those of Víctor D'Amario and Juan Sánchez Gorio, among them, until he put together his own, co-led with the pianist and composer Juan Carlos Howard —Orquesta Howard-Landi— in which the singer Alberto Morales also appeared.

Thereafter, he formed the Landi-Sucher team (along with the pianist Manuel Sucher), and in 1955 he again reunited his core of musicians, recorded for the T.K. label and appeared on Radio Belgrano.

Author and composer of the tangos “Cielo” and “Alondra mía” (both with Andrés Falgás), “Quién sos vos” and “Mi condena” (both with Juan Sánchez Gorio), “Che, existencialista” and “Qué querés con París” (both with words by Rodolfo Martincho, Rodolfo José Martínez’s nickname), “Me grita el corazón” (with Miguel Bonano and Roberto Miró).