Félix Aldao

Real name: Consoli, Salvador Francisco
Singer and composer
(13 May 1930 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Horacio Ferrer
| Laureano Fernández

e was born in Buenos Aires. He was attending secondary school when he began to sing. With a group of schoolmates of the Colegio Otto Krause he appeared on Radio Mitre; Polo Giménez included him in his group with which, alongside Payo Solá and Mercau Soria, he started as folk music singer.

Later, however, he switched to tango. In 1964 he traveled to the United States where his career reached its peak in 1966 when he received from the singer Olga Guillot, the Palma de Oro, the highest award of the Tercer Festival Americano de la Canción.

He went on with his appearances in venues and hotels in Central America until he returned to Buenos Aires in 1967.

The following year he appeared in the motion picture P.K. in Buenos Aires. In 1969 he sang at the Festival de Baradero, in the television program Siete Notas para el Tango and in the evenings of El Viejo Almacén in San Telmo.

An interpreter of good melodic style, restrained, with good intonation and expressive, is as well, author of several tango numbers: “Vuelve a llover” and “Noche mágica”, among them.

Our translator, Laureano Fernández, tells us about Aldao:
«By the early years of the 1970s I had the chance to get acquainted with him. It was through Oscar del Priore and his relationship with Jorge Rutman, a pianist and bandoneon player. I don’t remember well if Aldao himself or Bruno Pirozzo (a bandoneon player) had asked Osvaldo Tarantino to write a series of charts for bandoneon and piano to accompany Aldao which were going to be played by Rutman and Pirozzo.

«Some of the pieces I recall were: María (Troilo-Cátulo Castillo), Soledad (Gardel-Le Pera), Un lobo más (Avena-Negro). Based on those charts I wrote my part to play with electric guitar. Thereafter, I don’t remember why, I ended up backing him up only with a Spanish guitar. I didn’t play many gigs with him, they were only a few stints in cultural centers, some club. On one of those occasions, we shared the stage with a quintet in which Horacio Cabarcos played and he still remembers when Aldao, with his baritone voice used to hint something about the accompaniment: Come on, Laureano!

«With Rutman and Pirozzo, maybe with Horacio Presti too, we went to visit him to his place on Serrano Street in the neighborhood of Palermo where he sold antiques.

«I recall that he had told us that when he lived in the United States, Vincent Price had offered him a role in a mystery movie».