Andrés Peiró

Real name: Pérez, Andrés
(1 December 1930 - )
Place of birth:
Ciudadela (Buenos Aires) Argentina

orn in Ciudadela —a locality of the urban area of the province of Buenos Aires bordering the Capital on the west side—, he appeared at a new-talent contest sponsored by the Radiofilm magazine. It took place in 1957 and immediately he joined the brand-new Fulvio Salamanca orchestra and took part of the first recording for the Odeon label with the waltz “Alma en pena”, teaming up in a vocal duo with Jorge Garré. It was his only recorded experience with Salamanca.

It is worthwhile mentioning his recordings with the Florindo Sassone’s aggregation. They were 5 tangos: “A media luz” (October 15, 1959), “Adiós muchachos” (October 2, 1959), “Che papusa oí” (January 28, 1960), “Malevaje” (September 10, 1962) and “Caminito de la tarde” (October 8, 1959).

He was also journalist and advertising agent.