Emilio Roca

Real name: Rodríguez, Emilio
(20 July 1914 - 14 August 1981)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

orn in the city of Buenos Aires, he sprung up at a contest organized by Francisco Canaro, who gave him his sobriquet. It took place in 1937 on LR1 Radio El Mundo. Maybe the Kaiser sponsored him or perhaps the advertising firm did —Legión Extranjera (Foreign Legion) (shaving blades)— because he appeared with the stage name El Legionario Cantor (The Singing Legionnaire). Soon thereafter Vicente Fiorentino included him in his aggregation which, among its members, had his brother Francisco Fiorentino as bandoneon player.

Later, now as soloist, accompanied by Ignacio Corsini’s guitarists —Armando Pagés and Rosendo Pesoa— he focused on radio stations, the main ones in the Capital, several ones of the interior, and also in Montevideo, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

Thereafter, he himself was organizer of successful contests for vocalists which were broadcasted by several radios. He was the founder of the weekly magazine Cantando in its two periods, in the early 40s and in 1957. He also founded —in the 40s— a magazine about movies, radio and with a gossip column: Radiofilm.

In 1969, backed by a group fronted by Miguel Nijensohn, he returned to the recording studios with a long-playing record with tango pieces for the Magenta label.