Olga Besio

Real name: Besio, Olga
Dancer and coreographer
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Silvina Damiani

lga is an instructor of tango dancing with great experience in teaching and with important knowledge about tango salón. She, in her classes for adults and, mainly, in her classes of tango dancing for children, has succeeded in awakening the interest of her pupils for the secrets and subtleties of Tango Dance.

Throughout her career, with almost thirty years of practice, Besio has stood out as educator, dancer, choreographer and director of dance groups.

Olga was born in Buenos Aires and began to dance at an early age but her knowledge is not limited to dancing because she has a solid training in combined arts: she studied Fine Arts and Philosophy. Undoubtedly, this amount of knowledge has nurtured all her works with tango dance.

Furthermore, she has taken part in numerous congresses, festivals and in national and international events and created the first free massive course of Tango Dance in Buenos Aires at the Centro Cultural General San Martín.

As choreographer, Olga Besio has appeared (sometimes, as dancer and, others, leading dancing groups) at the Teatro Colón, Teatro Nacional Cervantes, at the Astral, Empire, Sky Ópera and Broadway theaters, among others. Her exhibitions at the Buenos Aires milongas are also important; in days gone by with Gustavo Naveira and later with other dancers.

Now she goes on with her work as soloist dancer. She formed Tango con Niños (Tango with Children). In that group her own children, Ariadna and Federico Naveira, were trained. They are both internationally renowned.

Olga Besio has a worthy blend of didactics, experience and classic tango dancing knowledge. Among her alumni, celebrities like Sally Potter and Robert Duvall stand out.