Carlos Gavito

Real name: Gavito, Carlos Eduardo
Dancer and choreographer
(27 April 1942 - 1 July 2005)
Place of birth:
Avellaneda (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Silvina Damiani

orn in Avellaneda, he started his professional career in 1965 at the popular show/program Así canta Buenos Aires.

The tango revival of the nineties owes much to Carlos Gavito as one of the great tango artists of that period. His peculiar dancing style was an inspiration for many amateur dancers and other professionals that saw in him the prototype of porteño that dances even the pauses of tango by means of a profound and heartfelt embrace.

Known as the last milonguero, he was respected worldwide, due to his special dancing style which was didactic. He was dancer and tango choreographer at the unforgettable show Forever Tango, along with Marcela Durán, his dancing partner. Later his teaming up with María Plazaola was outstanding.

This icon in the history of dancing tango has devoted more than forty years to tango by looking for a better method to transmit his experience and knowledge.

Carlos Gavito, the instructor of the school «less is more» in which minimalism and pauses govern the cadence of dance, became a legend on July 1, 2005. The actress Eva Norvind shot a movie about tango in Argentina: Gavito, su vida y su tango (Gavito, his life and his tango).