Mora Godoy

Real name: Godoy, Mora
Dancer and coreographer
(30 June 1972 - )
Place of birth:
La Plata (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Silvina Damiani

orn in the city of La Plata, she represents an original and challenging style in tango-dance. She lives together with the technique of classical dancing and an unequalled tango expressivity.

She graduated as classical dancer from the Instituto Superior de Arte of the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires. She began with her first professional steps at that institution.

She furthered her studies with the dancer Olga Ferri for twelve years and with her she travelled to Russia where she attended special seminars of classical dancing at the Minsk School (Belarus).

Between 1990 and 1992 she joined the Modern Jazz Ballet as soloist dancer. By that time she began to study and practice tango with the teachers Juan Carlos Copes, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Miguel Ángel Zotto and Graciela González.

In 1993 she joined the Compañía Tango X 2 as soloist dancer and made tours of Europe and Asia. In 1997 she was specially invited by the University of Stanford (United States) to teach a tango seminar.

As choreographer and first dancer, in 1997 she staged the show Tango Fatal in San Francisco (United States). In 1998, alongside the renowned dancer Miguel Ángel Zotto, she was starred in the play Perfumes de Tango with which the Compañía Tango X 2 visited several countries of Europe and several cities of Israel. Also in 1998, in Buenos Aires, she was showcased as Zotto’s partner at the show Una noche de tango.

Nowadays Mora gives courses and seminars at the most prestigious circles of the genre in Buenos Aires and abroad. Her fame increased with her long and acclaimed participation as artist and instructor on the Solo Tango TV channel which was broadcasted in a large number of countries worldwide airing the shows Así se baila el tango, La yeca and El firulete which became referential landmarks.

She appeared as female dancer of the TV show Bailando por un sueño, emceed by Marcelo Tinelli and furthermore she is the lead artist of the musical Chantecler which was staged in several of the most outstanding theaters of downtown Buenos Aires.

At present she leads her own Estudio de tango. Mora has furthered her training with seminars on singing and theater. As choreographer and director she has devised stagings in several cities of Argentina and abroad in which the most renowned tango orchestras have played.