El Pendejo Echevarne

Real name: Kern, Carlos
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:
Luis Alposta
| Oscar Himschoot

lso known as Carlos El Inglés or El Ingresito. He was partner of María La Vasca. He also danced with La Vasca Ernestina. He used to dance the crossed waltz very well. He was an impressive male with clear eyes, generally calm but efficient at the time of being tough. It was said that he had a name for being a bully, with a heavy blow and he was capable to face the aggressive guys alone. For a time he organized the dances at Patria e Lavoro, on Chile 1567. It was a narrow saloon in which it was difficult to keep pickpockets and rioters at bay. According to César Viale’s words he ended up working as a porter at the legal office of doctor Carlos Delcasse.