Laura Montserrat

Real name: Montserrat, Laurentina
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:
Luis Alposta
| Oscar Himschoot

er luxurious dancehall was located on Paraguay 2512. It was at «lo de Laura» in 1897 where Rosendo Mendizábal composed the tango “El entrerriano”. She was married to a man named Sosa. In her later years she lived on Uruguay and Corrientes. «Laura was a tall matron, rather stout, brunette, good-looking, with black hair, dark eyes and an honorable air. She possessed a true savoir fair and was energetic and soft at the same time. Her voice insinuated a discreet provincial accent, maybe from Mendoza, which was almost imperceptible but conferred her grace. She had a daughter —whom she looked after as if she were a gem— and several foster daughters whom she picked up kindly, educated and even made them marry with well-to-do men... She was learned and honourable. She never missed her season ticket for the Colón theater...»