Juana Rebenque

Real name:
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:
Luis Alposta
| Oscar Himschoot

uan Santa Cruz —brother of the composer of “Unión Cívica” said— (quotation by Dr. León Benarós): «She lived in a little house made of tins, low like all the ones in the Pueblo de las Ranas (Frogs’ town). To enter you had to bend down. She did not even had a tariff. She collected whatever you paid her. She never came downtown. She was tall, slim, with a rather long nose but good-looking. She lived with a guy named Fernández. She was mentioned in some lines widely spread by then: “About a week ago when I was down and out / a poor pimp that coughed / invited me to a ball in quite a queer house / at the damp town of the frogs. / The main conspicuous ladies / of the frog population / dropped by to see the show at that peculiar house / so extremely nicely dressed, / because they had been invited / by means of cardboard cards.”»