Maco Milani

Real name: Milani, Mariano
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Luis Alposta
| Oscar Himschoot

antiago H. Rocca used to say in 1952: «Maco Milani was named, in fact, Mariano Milani. His woman was Joaquina Marán, a tall brunette, not pretty but very interesting and charming with a very pleasant conversation. Maco was a handsome man, quite distinguished, with straight hair and a very pale face. When he took to drinking heavily he put on weight and his nose turned reddish.» Milani squandered large sums of money in his lifetime. Tall and tidy, his way of life was really pitiful. He used to go very often to a café on Canning and Santa Fe. Many times he was seen in the company of Tito Rocatagliatta, the violinist. Justo P. Sáenz (h.) told León Benarós that Maco also used to go frequently to a venue called La Colorada, on Corrientes and Florida, which existed from 1914 to 1923. It was a place full of sawdust and boxes where sometimes Charles de Soussens used to appear from time to time. Enrique Cadícamo remembers it in his poem “Rotisería Argentina”: «Maco Milani was also one of its patrons, a noted porteño, a true criollo. He was the first to introduce tango into the high-life society.» And, in that same poem, he says that one of his most loved tangos was “Joaquina”.