Patricia Malanca

Real name: Malanca, Patricia
Singer and lyricist
(8 January - )
Place of birth:
Avellaneda (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Gloria Arcuschin

atricia is a female tango singer and, in a wider sense, a singer of our city music with all the beauty that the expression female singer implies in reference to music expressed through a voice, especially, a woman’s voice. Furthermore, she studied psychology and practiced it for years.

When I ask Patricia about her own roots that drove her to tango, she replies: «My old man was a tango fan, my city —Avellaneda— was essentially connected to tango. I grew up round the corner of the Mallorens factory and in the area that the tango “Fosforerita” recalls, a territory of Ruggero, a well-known tough guy who was friend of Gardel’s». And she adds that at age ten she was discoverered by her music teacher who realized she possessed a voice with remarkable volume.

The environment and the events of her childhood leave us the mark of an essential color, which in the case of Patricia is evident in her interpretive strength, in her vital power and the use of her body in the service of the melody and the contents of the beautiful, updated tangos she gives us in every performance. When she was a school student she dived into the genre with a group that accepted the influences of the young tango of Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Ferrer, Eladia Blázquez and Héctor Negro.

The appearances of Patricia Malanca have been taking place at different venues in Buenos Aires,from the classic locals like the Café Homero, La Botica del Ángel, El Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, the Café Tortoni, notable barrooms like El Banderín, Los Laureles and deluxe hotels like the Alvear and the República.

In April 2013 her first disc “La Malanca” was successfully released. In it she was accompanied by musicians like Osvaldo Belmonte, Quique Condomí, Patricio Bonfiglio, Lisandro Silva Echevarría, Hernán Reinaudo, among others. Periodically, she appears as guest singer alongside the Orquesta Nacional de Ciegos Pascual Grisolía and she appeared at La Bolsa de Comercio (Chamber of Commerce), the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti and the Teatro del Globo.

She also sang at the National Congress (Congreso de la Nación), Centro Cultural Borges, Clásica y Moderna, Auditorio María de Buenos Aires of the Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires and at the popular fetivals of Baradero, Bragado and Cosquín. In 2014 she appeared at the ValparaTango in the Chilean city of Valparaíso.

She was member of companies with which she made tours of Singapur, New Zeland and Australia and, in her beginnings, a tour of Japan with Erika Di Salvo, Walter Castro and Leonardo Marconi.

With the all-girl trio Muñecas Bravas (Brave Dolls) she has made numerous appearances and tours along the sea coast of Buenos Aires, appearing in Mar del Plata and Villa Gesell.

Malanca interprets —with the loss and the profits of life, threads of sweetness, pain, anger and hope— a framework of contemporary tangos like “Daría”, “Lo que se ha perdido”, “Más cielo” and —in a passionate way— classics like “Rencor”, “Nunca tuvo novio”, “Romance de barrio”, “Torrente” and “Una canción”, or in her well pondered, successful and intimate rendition of “El último café”.

Patricia Malanca, undoubtedly, a Muñeca Brava; but a doll in her beauty of contemporary woman that fights for a place for feminine dignity, an egalitarian place that she evidences in the tangos with innovative tendencies. And brave in her overwhelming strength due to her existential style and effort of her persona when delivering the words and the melody of tango with her vocal cords; brave when she says without false shyness: «I’m a tango worker and I shall die doing it». She will always sing with the strength that comes from humble houses, from the porteño suburbs, from home, a tenement house filled with popular songs near the docks and the factories she is acquainted with, it is her hometown.