Concepción Amaya

Real name: Amaya, Concepción
Nicknames: Mamita
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:
Luis Alposta
| Oscar Himschoot

idely known as Mamita. At her place located on 2177 Lavalle Street Ernesto Ponzio composed his famous tango “Don Juan (El taita del barrio)”. Domingo Greco, among other things, says in his unpublished memoirs, according to a quotation by Dr. Benarós: «In this venue the customers were selected. The patrons used to be well-to-do boys... As for the pianists, the first professional ones I knew were Ángel Villoldo and Sergio Mendizábal, brother of Rosendo’s. He played a sort of rather elegantly tough tango, and he was more solid in the accompaniment, a tempo man. He was one of the best tango players of that time. He preferred to play at Concepción Amaya’s. When this woman left Buenos Aires she settled in the town 9 de Julio and run a whorehouse. She took with her El Negro Sergio. Time later, they say, he died seated at a cheap local with his guitar between his knees. He played guitar very well, sang, and he even improvised. Rosendo, instead, released better tangos...»

Mamita, according to what Luis Teisseire told us: «was tall, skinny, authoritative. With a dark skin, rather Chinese look, tough, with black eyes. She used to wear long garments, with a dark satin jacket. She was all wrapped up in clothes with a turtleneck. Her ballroom house was also a whorehouse. La Ñata Rosaura, Herminia and Joaquina were some of her pupils. Crossing an inner door you entered a long yard surrounded by rooms and a classic dining room». There Sergio Mendizábal, El Gordo Mauricio and Teisseire himself used to play the piano, according to what our informer told us.