Walter Larroquet

Real name: Larroquet, Walter David
Singer, guitarist, composer, lyricist and arranger
(1 May 1971 - )
Place of birth:
Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

e was born in Mar del Plata, the beautiful city of the province of Buenos Aires 400 km away from the Capital. He is a complete artist who, besides being a qualified interpreter, is an instrumentalist, arranger of criollo and tango pieces and also composer, things that he carries out well but I like most his gentle way of singing.

The delicate timbre of his voice with a tenor-like range and an expressive mezza voce make Walter an excellent singer who, for a long time, we have been wishing to include in our portal.

Displaying a perfect intonation, he links the phrases and interprets without the need of stopping to emphasize the meaning of lyrics. He does not turn to dramatic clichés which we so often hear in other singers. He does not make use of trembling sounds or exaggerated vibrato effects, his diction is quite clear with a Gardelian phrasing, he sings a tempo, generating moods suitable to the meaning of the words.

He started singing tangos at a very young age, when he was five years old, on LU6 Emisora Atlántica in his hometown. Many years later, in August 2004, he won the first prize at the Certamen Hugo del Carril by singing the tango “Magia de malvón” with words of our friend Marta Pizzo.

As from that time his career has been in a continuous progress. In 2005 he recorded live at the Teatro Alvear with the Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, co-led by maestros Raúl Garello and Carlos García, and with Fabián Bertero as guest artist.

In 2006, 2007 and 2009 he was summoned by the Festival de Justo Daract in the province of San Luis and appeared sharing the stage with Nelly Omar. Thereafter an endless series of contests and events took place, among which we can highlight his second position at the San Nicolás venue of the Pre La Falda 2009; his appearance at the Festival de La Falda 2010, at the Festival and Mundial de Tango of the same year with the Quinteto de los Santos; at the Teatro Colón of Mar del Plata with the Cuarteto Esencia de Tango.

He was winner of the Contest La Vuelta de Obligado for adding music to a Marta Pizzo’s poem in August 2011. He also won the Certamen Hugo del Carril of that year with his tango “Cantor nacional” which will be arranged, according to what he told me, by Raúl Garello. Winner of the pre Cosquín 2011 held in the Capital city.

The following year, on request by the Quinteto de los Santos he appeared in two performances at the Los 36 Billares when the disc Si vuelvo a Buenos Aires was released. In that release he sings two numbers alongside other important guest artists. With this aggregation he appeared throughout 2012 and the following year at different venues, among them: La Botica del Ángel and the Centro Cultural Julián Centeya on occasion of the presentation of Marta Pizzo’s book, A tango traviesa. I was fortunate to be there and then I insisted that Walter should send me the material to write this portrayal.

He later appeared at the Torquato Tasso and at the café Los 36 Billares, always with de los Santos. Lastly, this took place a few days ago, on November 9, 2013, he was invited to appear, along with the quintet, at the first edition of the Festival de la Guitarra en el Tango, in which were starred, among others: Hernán Ruiz, Horacio Avilano Cuarteto and Juanjo Domínguez. The latter was paid homage by his peers.

Walter, welcome to Todo Tango!