er parents, Olga Eva and Marcial, came to know each other by dancing tango and Ana María inherited that love for our Buenos Aires music.

At an early age she began to frequent venues, at the beginning, with an all-rhythm orchestra fronted by Oscar Toscano at hotels and conventions. She used to sing boleros, ballads and tangos. She was known as Ana María Tango.

She appeared in the TV program Buenas noches país on Channel 9 for a talent contest for singers and she was so acclaimed that she was hired to join the professional cast of the station. She also appeared in Sábados de todos, a TV program on Channel 7, in which she was accompanied by the aggregation led by Oscar Bassil.

She sang in nearly all the venues in the neighborhood of San Telmo, among which El Viejo Almacén run by Edmundo Rivero stood out. There she appeared alongside great artists like Leopoldo Federico, Alberto Podestá and Tito Reyes; furthermore, she worked with Hugo Del Carril in Caño 14 and was backed up by the guitarist Juanjo Domínguez.

At different tango venues she shared the bill with the greatest singers of the genre: Jorge Vidal, Alberto Morán, Alberto Marino, Argentino Ledesma, Roberto Rufino, Roberto Goyeneche, Jorge Casal.

She traveled to Japan with the Orquesta Símbolo Canaro conducted by Ricardo Francia and sang teaming up with Ernesto Herrera.

With the Tango Trío she made a tour of Ecuador and Chile, appearing alongside Jorge Vidal, Rubén Juárez and the dancers Virulazo and Elvira.

She appeared in Crónica TV with the Oscar Bassil orchestra and with a trio led by Jorge Dragone. She was also in Brazil with Alberto Podestá and the dancers Juan Carlos Copes and María Nieves and sang accompanied by the José Colángelo quintet.

She was co-director of the staging at the Teatro Astral of the show Homenaje al tango and, of course, singer alongside Jorge Vidal. This show included 20 artists onstage.

On the cable channel Solo Tango she recorded three numbers: “Chiquilín de Bachín”, “Sin piel” and “Café La Humedad”; she sang at the Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires accompanied by the guitar group headed by Hugo Rivas when Jorge Vidal was awarded as Ciudadano Ilustre. Later she began to appear on radio alongside the latter.

From 2006 up to the present (2017) she appeared on different radio stations conducting her program La argentina que viene. Today we can listen to her in the radio show El tango, vos y yo, on Radio Claridad, AM 1080, on Sundays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Her radio program is broadcasted from the city of Monte Grande where she now is based.