Patricia Noval

Real name: Noval, Patricia
(13 February 1960 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he started her show business career in the 90s in the Patagonian territory where she was based. Since then she has followed an aesthetic and cultural path that dives into the tango roots by adding updated musical treatments within a framework that includes a repertoire that spans from refined renderings to versions in an outskirts-like style.

She fluently approaches the tragedy and comedy of the genre; from Celedonio Flores to Homero Expósito, from Cátulo Castillo to Carlos Gardel, creating an intimate, passionate mood and, at the same time, bringing warmth and femininity.

On this road she has shared the bill and recorded with: Raúl Barboza, Mario Corradini, Héctor Stamponi, Virgilio Expósito, Emilio Del Guercio, Walter Ríos, Juan Barrueco, among others.

She has presented her music in different kinds of venues: La Trastienda, Moliére, Torquato Tasso, Centro Cultural San Martín, Paseo La Plaza, Museo Evita, 36 Billares, among others.

In 1997, she was chosen by the guitarist Oscar López Ruiz to take part of the homage to Astor Piazzolla which was held at the Centro Cultural San Martín.

She shared the stage with Virgilio Expósito at the now disappeared café concert París Tango. In 2000 she was invited by Lito Vitale to sing in the program Ese Amigo del Alma on TV Channel 13. That same season she was member of the Joven Guardia del Tango that carried out the Aguante el Tango cycle alongside Caracol, La Chicana, El Tranvía and others.

In 2000, she released her first disc, Contramarca, for the La Trastienda label with guest artists: Raúl Barboza, the murga Falta y Resto and Carlos Buono.

For many years she worked along with the guitarist Juan Barrueco. In April 2003 she released her second disc, Tangos Brujos, for the Fonacal label with a songbook of classic tango numbers: “La casita de mis viejos”, “Duelo criollo”, “Fangal”, and “Trenzas”, among others.

In 2006 she appeared at the Festival Internacional de Tango alongside the murga Falta y Resto with which she also, months later, sang as guest artist in their season at the Teatro Ateneo.

In June 2007 she released her third disc, Adiós Muñeca, with direction and arrangements by Horacio Castillo and Claudio Méndez. From 2008 to 2012 she made tours of Brazil and Uruguay.

In August 2013 she began recording her new material, Las Cantoras de Tango, to pay homage to the early female singers. A project declared as of cultural interest by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. That CD was released in June 2014.