Horacio Ravera

Real name: Ravera, Horacio Hugo
(30 October 1949 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he director of the portal, Ricardo García Blaya, told us that he shared with Horacio seven years in the public administration. But their relationship was limited to formal greetings in the hallways of the Casa Rosada. After more than thirteen years they met again at the Academia Nacional del Tango. There they talked indeed, they had long chats about tangos and memories. Among other things, he said:

«My tango refuge was El Rincón de los Artistas, on Jonte and Boyacá, in La Paternal, which belonged to Héctor Mauré. Now I’m writing the lyrics of a new tango with Tito Macri which would be entitled “La barra de La Paternal”. Here’s another information about my tango heart: my wife, Elsa María Cristina Domínguez, is the granddaughter of the owner of that Café Domínguez on Corrientes Street that inspired the Ángel D'Agostino’s tango. His name was José Domínguez.»

Horacio was born in the neighborhood of Villa del Parque in the city of Buenos Aires. He studied singing and music at the National Music Conservatory of Buenos Aires and, later, with maestro Neri at the Teatro Colón.

He began his career at age eighteen by singing boleros in the Trío Azul. Thereafter he continued in the Trío Los Crisoles and with the folk music groups Raíces Riojanas and Raíces Latinoamericanas.

His voice of operatic tenor allowed him to approach other music genres like opera, zarzuela, folk music, boleros, ballads and Latin American music.

In 1984 he moved to Paris and furthered his operatic singing studies with professor Nicolás Pérez González. He appeared at the Theatre in Paris, at Les Trotoirs de Buenos Aires, Le Forum, La Sorbonne, in concerts, festivals and tours of Europe and Asia.

Six years later, he returned to Argentina and made appearances at theaters, radio stations, television (ATC) and tours of neighboring countries and Central America.

In 1994 he settled in Miami, United States, for the first time and joined the The Golden Tango orchestra as vocalist, appearing in shows, festivals, congresses, radio stations.

He came back to Argentina two years later and appeared at the radio program La noche con amigos, emceed by Lionel Godoy and in Los amigos del tango conducted by Juan Carlos Mareco in television channel 7. Furthermore he appeared in: Casablanca, Taconeando, Michelangelo, Señor tango, Caño 14, La Cumparsita, among other venues in Buenos Aires.

He traveled again to the United States and, in 1999, he settled in Miami and made tours of Colombia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, appearing on the American Television channel and on Radio Caracol.

From 2001 to 2007 he appeared at the festivals of Miami, Tango Fantasy, Festival Mayor del Tango, Festival Argentino de Miami, Congreso Internacional de Tango, with Juan Carlos Copes, Miguel Ángel Zotto. Also Noche de Tango in the city of Tampa, at the Festival Popular 25 de Mayo, at the Tango Festival in Orlando and at the concert Tango in Disneyland. He also emcees the program La Vida es un Tango on Channel 8 and Mega Television of Miami.

In Argentina as guest artist he joined the following orchestras: Color Tango on Radio Nacional; the «Juan de Dios Filiberto» conducted by Atilio Stampone at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes and, in France, the orchestra of the Sorbonne in Paris conducted by Jacques Grimbert.

He recorded 32 compact discs of different music genres. In 2008 he appeared as singer-songwriter at the Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana of California and was awarded the Golden Disc in the category folk music songs with the number “Ella es el trigal” and the Diploma de Excelencia in the Romantic/Pop category for the ballad “Cantando por un sueño”.

In 2012 he appeared at the Festival de la Canción of Las Vegas and won the Festivegas de Plata, as singer-songwriter in the folk music category with “América continente” and the Festivegas de Bronce in the Romantic/Pop category for the ballad “Depende de ti”.

As you can see we have outlined the career of an internationally renowned artist who, at the same time, is a truly «tapado» (unknown) in Argentina. Very few of us have heard him. This is one more evidence that nobody is a prophet is his own land. Horacio Ravera, welcome to Todo Tango!