is connection with tango began in the 90s and he is regarded as one of the most outstanding figures of his generation. His voice range is tenor-like, his expressiveness, his correct intonation, and his delicate phrasing rooted in the tango vein are the outstanding features of this young singer that makes use of these resources moderately and which he blends with a splendid mezza voce.

In his interesting career he appeared with the most important orchestras in Buenos Aires: the Juan de Dios Filiberto, the Sexteto Mayor, the Sans Souci, Los Reyes del Tango and Los Cosos de al Lao.

He won the Tango Contest “Hugo del Carril 1996” in the category Male Singer which was organized by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. After this award he appeared at the Teatro Presidente Alvear as guest singer of the Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires conducted by maestros Raúl Garello and Carlos García.

He joined the casts of several theater companies, among them the following stand out: Tango Emoción (Mora Godoy), Tango Fire and Tango Bizarro with which he toured the interior of the country and abroad (Central and South America, Europe, Japan and the United States). He also appeared at the festivals of the city of Buenos Aires, of the Patagonia, of La Falda (in the province of Córdoba) and in Justo Daract (province of San Luis).

In a short review of his discography we can mention, firstly, his contribution to the La Joven Guardia del Tango collection of the Melopea label (1998). Later a live release in Japan in a compact disc with Los Cosos de al Lao (2001). His album Cardenal Domínguez Cuarteto for the Socsa label (2003). La Bagayera (Acqua Records 2008). His last disc, Trío, also for Acqua Records (2010) with the guitarists Hernán Reinaudo and Ariel Argañaraz which includes country songs and tangos and was chosen among the best ten discs of that year.

We know that he is working to present a new project that he shares with Ariel Argañaraz (guitar), Irene Cadario (violin), Mariano Martos (electric bass) and Augusto Argañaraz (percussion) approaching popular music besides the tango songbook that will be released in the next compact disc.

Critics in journals have praised the Cardenal: «A soloist singer with classic roots but far away from clichés. As he has enough lineage and talent to revive the unequaled figure of the national singer, Javier “Cardenal” Domínguez delicately drives through the traffic that leads him near the heroes of the category while, paradoxically, goes back along their path.» (Suplemento Radar, Página/12, 2 October 2010).

The Clarín newspaper, referring to his latest disc, said: «One of the best tango singers of the new generation, Javier “Cardenal” Domínguez, along with two of the best guitarists, Hernán Reinaudo and Ariel Argañaraz. It is very unlikely that such a combination would go wrong...» (Clarín, 5 May 2010).

Likewise, and about the same release, the La Nación paper said: «... There is a lot of work here. They do not offer great nuances, but they do present an updated, pondered, heartfelt vision of eight great tangos, two milongas and an estilo marvelously arranged. It is a good disc to allow yourself to be carried away...» (La Nación. 16/5/2010).

Not long ago (2012) we had the chance to listen to him as singer of the Sans Souci orchestra at the Academia Nacional del Tango and we must admit that his voice made us recall the unforgettable and unequaled vocalists of the forties.

Undoubtedly, according to our taste, he belongs to the new excellent tango generation together with Esteban Riera, the Chino Laborde, Hernán Genovese, Ariel Ardit and Jesús Hidalgo.