Roberto Carlés

Real name: Losi, José Alejandro
Singer and composer
(30 December 1919 - 10 June 2012)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Abel Palermo
| Néstor Pinsón

e was born in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza. He was the typical Buenos Aires boy that began to sing at the cafés of his neighborhood. At those locals it was customary that new singers paraded and they, time later, would become professionals and some, just a few, even turned out well-known vocalists. Furthermore, for the young those appearances meant the experience of facing an audience, overcoming stage-fright and receiving the first applauses.

So it happened with Roberto, a great night drifter who used to roam in neighborhoods where cafés and clubs organized new talent contests. So he walked throughout Villa Urquiza, Saavedra, Chacarita, Villa Crespo, La Paternal until one day he appeared on the radio. It was Emilio Kartulovic’s radio station —LS10 La Voz del Aire—, on Maipú Street between Lavalle and Tucumán.

His debut professional debut was in 1942 at the Café Victoria on Corrientes Street, in Villa Crespo, with the accompaniment of the guitars played by the Gramuglia brothers.

The following year he was summoned to appear on Radio El Mundo in whose cast he remained for several years. In 1951 he went on a tour of Brazil where he was very successful to such an extent that he stayed there for a long season.

Later he traveled to Colombia and Venezuela. On his comeback he reappeared on Radio El Mundo. He appeared in night locals and at different venues in Buenos Aires. And, in 1963 he appeared on LR3 Radio Belgrano.

We do not know if there is a commercial recording by Carlés. Thanks to our friend Carlos Del Mar we knew about some radial recordings, which he said were registered on Radio El Mundo.

As composer he had a close collaboration with Juan D’Arienzo who, with his orchestra recorded four of his numbers: “Matrimonio” (with lyrics by Héctor Gagliardi) with vocals by Alberto Echagüe, recorded on June 10, 1955; “Imperdonable” (with words by Agustín Minotti) with Mario Bustos on vocals, August 29, 1957; “Qué seré yo” (also with words by Minotti) with vocals by Jorge Valdez, July 19, 1961; “Cansada de sufrir” (words by José Barreiros Bazán), Jorge Valdez on vocals, September 27, 1961.

In the SADAIC record there are 61 of his pieces filed.