Yasmín Ventura

Real name: Ventura, Yasmín
(28 May - )
Place of birth:
San Pablo (São Paulo) Brazil

he is formally trained with classical and folk music studies. She has the latin pace in her soul that vibrates and moves through her interpretive strength. When she discovered singing in her life, her essence, her main vocation awakened.

She is a professional artist since 1979 and worked in different countries like Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, the United States and Brazil where she performed tango and other genres.

She represented Brazil at the III Cumbre Mundial del Tango in Montevideo (Uruguay). In September 1998 she was awarded with the decoration «Carlos Gomes» and became Dama Comendadora in Brazil.

From 1999 to 2001 she was based in the United States. There she began to sing with the Orquesta de Cámara Tosca, appearing in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. In 2000 with that orchestra she represented Texas at the Quinta Cumbre Mundial del Tango in Rosario (Argentina) and, furthermore, played a concert in Buenos Aires under the auspices of the Fundación Piazzolla.

In 2001 she moved to Brazil where she settled until 2004, singing in theaters, different venues and leading her own tango company: Argentango.

On her comeback to Buenos Aires she had a serious commitment with the genre; she apeared at different venues: the Teatro Presidente Alvear, the Bauen Hotel, the Teatro Arlequines, the Teatro La Campana, the Teatro Plaza of San Martín and the Luna Park; also at tango locals, on radio and television.

She belongs to the staff cast and is producer of Titanes del tango, a program emceed by Jorge Bocacci and recently awarded with a Quijote de Oro, a Martín Fierro and declared as of cultural interest by the Senate of the Nation.

Many are the albums she released, some of them were published in Brazil: Frenesí (1994), Argentango, Argentineando (1998), Body & Soul (2003) and Che bandoneón (2004); others in the United States: From The South with Love I (2000), From the South with Love II (2000) and La ciudad del tango (2000).