María Varela

Real name: Varela, María Silvia
Singer, actress, composer and lyricist
(11 August - )
Place of birth:
La Rioja Argentina

he began her career as actress in the city of Córdoba by appearing in musicals and independent theater plays. She was member of the official staff cast of the Comedia Cordobesa. In 1982 she settled in Buenos Aires and appeared on television in soap operas and in other programs on the four TV channels of the city.

For a season she appeared in the variety theater —as actress and chorus girl— in the company led by José Marrone, along with Don Pelele, Alfredo Barbieri, Alberto Locatti and other important figures of the Buenos Aires night scene.

Furthermore, she joined casts in several theaters, among them: the Teatro San Martín, the Cervantes and the De la Ribera, and shared the bill with Tania, Margarita Padín, Juan Carlos Thorry, Elena Lucena, Darío Vittori, among other stars.

She was summoned by Julio Tahier in 1990 to impersonate Milonguita in his opera Gotán that was premiered at the Teatro La Capilla, owned by José Jaramillo, and was performed for three seasons. And on this occasion her passion for tango was born.

As author and composer she has filed four numbers in the SADAIC record. Among them “Tanguete” stands out.

Between 1999 and 2012 she has released three compact discs as independent producer, the first one: Interpretangos, selected numbers of a live show in Oliverio Always at the Bauen Hotel; later: Tango en Negra and Varela Tango.