Guillermo Valdez

Real name: Vitale, Germán Alejandro
Nicknames: La voz heredera
Singer and actor
(5 August 1972 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e is nephew of the well-remembered singer, Jorge Valdez. His passion for tango and singing was originated in his family bonds.

At age eight a cousin of his, a tenor singer, taught him his first lessons of vocalization. Later, searching for a style of his own, he was strongly influenced by Alfredo Belusi, Julio Sosa, Rubén Juárez and Roberto Achával.

His early steps were under the guidance of his aunt and uncle: Mercedes García, who was pianist and also bandoneon player and Ángel Testa that played guitar. They accompanied him in the family parties and celebrations.

Thereafter due to the death of his uncle, Guillermo Valdez teamed up with the guitarist Luis Chela, a friend of the family’s, who still today accompanies him with his trio.

In 2000, already a professional singer, he appeared sharing the bill with Horacio Palma, Hugo Marcel, Roberto Chaleán, Jorge Guillermo, Néstor Rolán and Reynaldo Martín, among others.

On June 24, 2004 he was member of the cast that paid homage to Carlos Gardel at the Teatro Maipú.

His recordings are aired on the radio and he appears at the Buenos Aires venues and in Las Piedras (Uruguay).

Since 2008 he has produced his own compact discs, six up to now: Arrabales, Esencia Tanguera, Alma de Buenos Aires, Estilo y Sentimiento, "Mis Queridos Tangos and Retrato Porteño.

His show business patron and co-producer in his recorded releases is the singer Horacio Palma, the well-known vocalist of the Juan D’Arienzo orchestra.

Lastly, it is important to highlight that he was trained as actor by Norman Brisky.