he is daughter of the writer Carlos Eguía and of the female writer and poet Otilia da Veiga. She was raised and still lives in the neighborhood where she was born.

Since an early age she has been connected with music and touched quite different genres: rock, blues, ballad. In 1987 she joined the choir of the Estudio de Ópera de Buenos Aires, directed by professor Rita Casamajor and performed zarzuela numbers at different venues.

In 2000 she made her debut as tango singer at the La Bodega del Café Tortoni with Mario Valdez. With that maestro she also appeared singing numbers at the seminars Un siglo de mujeres en el tango and El tango y sus temas at the Biblioteca Obrera Juan B. Justo. Both seminars were sponsored by Susana Rinaldi, Ben Molar, Atilio Stampone and Beba Pugliese.

That same year she was honored as Cantante Ilustre by the local newspaper of Flores, Flores de papel, award that she shared with Cacho Castaña and Patricia Barone at a show that reunited more than 1500 spectators.

She was member of the group Cuartetango alongside María Eugenia Darré (vocals), René Jackobson (guitar) and Samara Pierpaoli (flute) appearing at the Club del Vino and at the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo. In 2002 she appeared at the Concurso de Letras de Tango (Tango lyrics contest) under the auspices of the Biblioteca Nacional, Metrovías, El Viejo Almacén, Centro Cultural Borges, Diario La Razón and Extremotango. The members of the board were Julián Plaza, Virginia Luque, Néstor Fabián, Luis Veiga and José Romero. And she received an honoring mention for her tango “Sin carnet de la nostalgia”.

For three consecutive years she appeared along with Livia Comerci and guest artists under the direction of Mario Valdez at the Legistango season at the Salón Dorado of the La Legislatura Porteña. She appeared at the La Semana del Tango of Boedo as well as in different homages and cultural events in neighborhoods.

At a homage paid to Alberto Vacarezza held at the La Academia del Lunfardo, she sang tangos by the above author, accompanied by Oscar D'Elia.

She has shared the bill with María Volonté, Alcira Canda, Reynaldo Martín, Lidia Borda, Tata Cedrón, Hugo Marcel, Cacho Castaña, Lucrecia Merico and Silvana Gregori. Today she keeps on singing at different venues of Buenos Aires with the accompaniment of the guitarist Carlos Ruiz Díaz.