Pablo Gibelli

Real name: Gibelli, Pablo
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Date and place of birth: at the locality of Stroeder, province of Buenos Aires.
Nickaname: El Canarino

t age eighteen he moved to Bahía Blanca to begin his studies (piano playing and singing) at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música. Four years later he continued his classes privately with maestro Armando Livani.

Along that time he was getting involved in the musical movement of that city by joining choirs and appearing as solo singer in different music genres.

In 1997 he was finalist at the contest “Buscando la voz ‘97” in Buenos Aires. That same year he won the contest for tango artists held at Bahía Blanca which was aired by the television program Tango en Bahía.

One year later he appeared in his first recital and, later was summoned by Mario Grossi to join the aggregation Surtango. With the latter he recorded his first disc entitled El Corazón al Sur. He also was member of the contemporary folk music group LA BAHIA which appeared in the Capital.

He was included in the recording of the first material released by the Orquesta del Tango de Bahía Blanca. In April 2006 he traveled to the USA on a tour with the first tango ballet of the above city led by Sergio and Adriana. In November that year he was invited to one of the recitals by Aída Musumeci in the city of Mar del Plata and, as consequence of the acclaim received, in the late April 2007 he was summoned by the Orquesta Municipal of that city, led by Julio Dávila. Then he became staff singer of the latter after winning the contest to fill the post.

He appeared at the season “Bahía no olvida” and at the first Festival Nacional de Tango “Carlos Di Sarli” in Bahía Blanca.